We are a licensed Civil Engineering company (LIC 79431) and draw/sign/seal our own plans. We use the program SoftPlan for design.  This is a great design and modeling program.  3d modeling is a great way to visualize your project.  Structural and Architectural design projects range from small residential to light commercial.  Common designs are for NEW HOUSES, ADDITIONS, RENOVATIONS, AND PORCHES/DECKS/SHOPS/BARNS.


We can also do site visits for smaller projects that may only require a letter or detail.  We have been building houses in Florida for a long time and know the best construction practices for the area.  Common site visits and letters/details are required for FOUNDATION REPAIRS, STRUCTURAL REPAIRS TO WALLS/ROOF/FLOOR ASSEMBLY, STRUCTURAL MODIFICATIONS SUCH AS ADDITION OF DOORS/WINDOWS, AND ANY CHANGES TO BUILDING PLANS.



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